Philadelphia, PA: Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, and Relaxin’ All Cool

After our three day retreat in the woods by the Susquehanna River, Anna and I reentered society by way of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with our friends Nicole and Tim.  And what a time we had!  To put the whole experience into one sentence, we were impressed with Philadelphia from start to finish.  To put it into a much longer and potentially rambling stream of consciousness form, please continue reading.  I know you would never dream of going back to one of the 14 other tabs you have open before you finished reading about our latest adventures.  😀

1.  Fresh Prince of Bel Air

As we were driving into town, I found myself relentlessly humming this tune in my head and wishing one of the few shirts I’ve brought on this trip had bright neon colors reminiscent of the ones I wore in late elementary school.  Regardless, we did just the right amount of chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxin’ all cool while we were in Philadelphia.

Did I say this song was in my head as we were driving into town?  That was a lie.  It was in my head pretty much the whole time we were in Philly.

2.  Purple Hair!

While we were in the midst of chillin’ out, we maxed the experience to the fullest with a little bit of bleach and purple hair dye.  Yep, that’s right, folks — purple hair dye.  One of us now has significantly purpler hair than we did before our time in Philly.  Guess which one of us!  All right, all right, I’ll give you a hint.  Their name has an ‘a’ and a ‘n’ in it, and is a palindrome.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need to read this blog a bit more often!  Check out this photo of Anna with her new hair.

Anna showing off her new locks.  Purple is the new awesome.

Anna showing off her new locks. Purple is the new awesome.  If this post gets 50 visitors I’ll post an old picture of yours truly with blueish-greenish hair!

3.  Mary Dyer

Our friend Nicole was Anna’s hair dyer.  Earlier that day, Anna and I ran into another Dyer (our last name): Mary Dyer, Garrison’s great great great great great great great great great (that’s nine greats) aunt.  “How did the two protagonists run into Garrison’s great to the ninth aunt?!” you ask?  Well, it’s easy, you see.  She’s a statue now.  Three statues, to be honest.  There’s a statue of her next to the State House in Boston, MA, one by the Quaker meeting house in Philadelphia, PA, and one on the campus of Earlham College in Richmond, IN.

Mary Dyer lived in Boston in the 1600s.  Much to the chagrin of the local puritans, she and some other Quaker women liked to get together and discuss the latest sermon they’d heard at church, interpreting it at will instead of simply accepting the minister’s interpretation of the scripture.  Pretty rebellious stuff for the 1600s!  Pretty soon she was taken to court for it and given the chance to admit her wrongs, but she didn’t back down.  Instead, she adamantly stood up for what she and her friends had done.  (Apparently, stubbornness does run in the family!  Gee, who would’ve guessed!)  Given the choice between being hanged or kicked out of Boston to Rhode Island, she chose exile, but came back to Boston to continue living the life she felt freely entitled to.  This led to her being kicked out of Boston again, but she returned again, and this process continued a few more times until the Bostonians eventually hung her on the Boston Commons for continually breaking their laws (by sticking up for religious freedom and women’s rights).

Here's a picture of Garrison with Aunt Mary.  See the family resemblance?  Now he's seen her in Boston, Philadelphia, and Richmond, IN!

Here’s a picture of Garrison with Aunt Mary. See the family resemblance? Now he’s seen her in Boston, Philadelphia, and Richmond, IN!

4. Food

We also had the tasty opportunity to eat at Vedge, a vegan restaurant in Philadelphia that’s been described as possibly the best restaurant in the country!  Yum.  The chefs there somehow made fingerling potatoes into one of the most delicious dishes we’ve ever eaten.  Rumor has it there’s a recipe book out there with a bunch of the dishes they serve in the restaurant!!  Maybe after we’re done with this whole “we have no space for anything so we’re only allowed to get rid of things” phase is over, Garrison will re-read this blog post and remember that this particular recipe book might make an excellent present for Anna!

The other amazing eatery where we ate delicious food was called honeygrow, where customers were not only treated to fresh and delicious food made to order, but also a satellite radio station playing one of the best selections of east coast rap I’ve heard in years.  This place was a memorable stop!

Garrison & Anna at Vedge with Nicole & Tim.  Evidence of tasty deliciousness abounds!

Garrison & Anna at Vedge with Nicole & Tim. Evidence of tasty deliciousness abounds!

Word on the street is there have been Anna and Garrison sightings on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland as well as Charlottesville, Virginia!  Keep an eye out for official blogospheric evidence coming soon.  Until then, stay adventurous, my friends!

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