Viet Nom Nom


According to our Lonely Planet guide book, Garrison and I are currently in “Vietnam’s most delightful and atmospheric city”– Hoi An!

But let’s be honest, we are here for the food. Hoi An is known as one of the greatest culinary cities in Vietnam. Although, like any country with a strong food tradition, pretty much everyone we have met from Vietnam has insisted that the best food comes from their home city or region.

In between eating an exceptional breakfast (pho and cao lau) and lunch (banh bao vac and green mango noodles with wonton) we squeezed in a visit to an island just outside the city*. I don’t know which island we visited, because we accidentally joined the wrong bike tour this morning. We were on a boat when we realized:
A. The tour we signed up for didn’t involve a boat,
B. We were not on the tour we signed up for, and
C. We didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing.

We had a wonderful time on our serendipitous tour, and no one seemed to question our presence. Lucky us, part of the tour we were able to try our hands at making rice noodles and Vietnamese sleeping mats.

Proficiency is still a long way off by any standard, so don’t ask us to bring homemade rice noodles to your next potluck dinner (we’re looking at you, Seattle.)


Above: Anna transferring steamed rice goo onto the cooling rack. Below: Garrison getting schooled in the art of weaving.

*It turns out sightseeing is really a pleasant way to kill time between meals.

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