Starting El Camino de Santiago

The Year of Fun has done a whole lot of travel lately by rail, with a few airplane rides thrown in for good measure.  When the blog was last updated, you learned about Anna and Garrison’s whereabouts as they worked their way west through Russia.  So, where have they gone since then?  Well, have you heard any rumors  about our two protagonists heading to Paris?  They’re all true.  And while they really truly loved their time there, you won’t see them enjoying the metropolitan pleasures of city life anytime soon.  Instead, they will be slowly making their way through southern France and northern Spain on foot, headed towards Santiago de Compostela, Spain on El Camino de Santiago.

That’s right, folks — our two protagonists will be traveling over 700 km on foot over the next several weeks, traveling along el camino francés (the French Way), starting from Saint Jean Pied-de-Port and making their way through the Pyrenees before turning west through Basque country in Spain all the way to the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula.  It’s traditionally a spiritual pilgrimage, which promises to provide plenty of time for meditation and introspection, etc.  Many pilgrims also dedicate their passage along this path to a particular cause or purpose.  Some seek a sense of spiritual clarity, some seek a spiritually cleansing and a bit of a restart along an old path they’d previously wandered from, while others simply seek the continued success of the University of Michigan basketball team.  Some are also just ‘along for the ride’, so to speak.  What are Garrison and Anna’s purposes for their passage along this path, you ask?  Follow along over the next several weeks to find out, as they also find out for themselves.

Buen Camino, friends, wherever your paths are currently headed!

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8 Responses to Starting El Camino de Santiago

  1. Joan Brewer says:

    I have a friend who is planning to make this walk next year so I will be interested in your observations and adventures as you walk The Way!

    • Hey Joan! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Two days into The Way and we’re in Spain now, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s snowing like crazy! I know most Michiganders won’d understand right now, but it’s a nice sight for this snow-deprived traveler. We’ll see how far we can make it tomorrow or if we’re snowed in.

  2. Dick Dyer says:

    I here you can get a passport-like document and get it stamped at different stops along the way. It then becomes proof of your pilgrimage that you can show at the cathedral to get a certificate of participation. Are you going to do that?

  3. Yes! They are called Pilgrim Credentials, and we are headed out to get our second stamp from the bar down the street from the hostel in a few minutes!

  4. jodi houseward says:

    so excited for you guys! ¡Buen camino, peregrinos!

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