Everything is (sort of) Broken

My favorite pants have a baker’s dozen of grease stains on them. Garrison’s suitcase has been bent out of shape by one, or three, too many rough tosses at the airport. We are at the point in our travels where everything we brought with us has been just about worn out, used up or pushed to its limits– including our technology.

We really want to keep the blog up to date, but lately we have been foiled by computers that freeze, tablets that don’t charge and cameras that only work when they feel like it.

Hopefully you will be hearing more from us soon. But if you don’t– it’s us, not you.

We are looking forward to a satisfyingly violent end for Garrison’s lap top in particular.*


*Just kidding. We will be dropping it off at an electronics recycling facility, like the responsible tree huggers we are.

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2 Responses to Everything is (sort of) Broken

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  2. naomi says:

    If you have any dawn dish detergent, I hear it works well on the grease stains. Too bad it won’t help your computer too 😉

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