Quick, Get This Blog Post Posted While The Laptop Isn’t Crashing!

Well, folks, it’s been a long time.  But we’re still here, (which you already knew, because you read Anna’s blog post from last week), although ‘here’ has changed pretty significantly over the last month.  Here’s the rundown on what we’ve been keeping busy with.

  1. We didn’t do it all by foot, but we made it to Finisterre as well as Muxía, two optional extensions of the Camino de Santiago that are right on the Atlantic coast.  Although I can’t really speak for Anna and you’d have to ask her, I think it’s safe to say we each had a “Wow, this is why I did the pilgrimage” moment during this time.
  2. We went to Portugal for a few days.  The city of Porto, to be exact.  We didn’t really do much, except mostly hang around in the palace of an apartment that Anna landed us through airbnb, and cook dinner for ourselves.  It was glorious!
  3. We spent about 10 days vacationing around Spain with Anna’s parents!  We were in Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla, and Madrid.  Highlights included visiting the Alhambra, swimming in the surprisingly chilly Mediterranean Sea, eating delicious food every day, and being in Madrid the night that their two soccer teams faced each other for the Champion’s League title.
  4. And finally, we flew to Morocco.

Yes, the Year of Fun has ventured into Africa, its fourth continent.  We’ve enjoyed a week or so of everything from the relaxed beach town of Essaouira to the hectic medina of Marrakech to the small mountain village of Armoud.  Thanks to our technological toys becoming less and less reliable, I don’t have any photos downloaded to share here, but the one below I found online and portrays one of the more intriguing things that happens in the jemaa el fna, the huge square in the middle of Marrakech.

Yep. Snakes. In the most crowded square I’ve ever experienced.

Less than 20 days until our return to the USA.  We’ll try to avoid snake bites between now and then.

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